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Frequently Asked Questions

So, why should you consider wraps?   The obvious reason is to provide a custom look for your booth, printer, etc.  This could be for your own use and branding, or if can be part of a package you sell to customers!  This could include wraps, custom backdrops, custom props and more.

Do you want to customize the look of your booth for your own purposes, but occasionally also need to wrap it for customer jobs?  Order your wrap with our higher tack adhesive, then when you need a customer wrap for your booth, order it in our low-tac adhesive.  You can then wrap right over your wrap, and also remove it without damage to your wrap underneath!

We have two different material options with two different finishes.  We've been wrapping equipment for almost 10 years, so we know the proper materials to use for each job.  Our materials are not your typical cheap adhesive vinyl.   We use air-release technology and laminate all our wraps - making the install and removal easier and bubble free as well.

Low-Tac:  This is our most used type of adhesive for most equipment wraps.  It has a lower adhesion rate perfect for short term use applications, makes installation and removal very easy and is great for most equipment that is metal or acrylic.

High-Tac: This adhesive has a higher adhesion rate and works better on lower energy materials such as many other forms of plastic, etc.  This is also a great option if you'd like to do a design on your equipment for yourself, and in the future would like to do custom branding with our Low-Tac option over the top of your graphics.   You could then remove the low-tac graphics with no damage to your high-tac graphics underneath.

Matte finish: The matte finish is just that... a matte finish to the wrap graphics.  Gives a great look and helps keep reflections down.

Gloss finish: A great gloss finish with a quite different look then matte.  This

We've done our best to provide a product that is relatively easy to install.  Obviously your experience and aptitude will affect the installation.

We use higher end materials that provide a bubble free installation, UV and abrasion protection, and an easier removal then cheaper options out there.

Old school and cheaper vinyl typically requires a "wet" application to install properly.  Our products do not and should be applied dry.

Jump to our video's for tips, tricks and installation examples!

There are many companies we have worked with in order to build wrap templates for their equipment.  You should check with your booth manufacturer to see if they have a wrap template for their booth and use that for your design work.   We ideally would need vector artwork (EPS, AI, PDF), but that is not always required.

If there is not a design template available for your booth, there are a few options...

  1. Send us your booth (or shell with no equipment in it) and we can create the wrap template in house and test fitment, etc.  We would then ship the booth back to you and you'd have a design template for future use.
  2. Measure each piece you would want as a wrap piece and provide those dimensions and quantities to us and we can provide an estimate for you based on those numbers.  You could always oversize the wrap pieces and we would print and provide them that way, making installation a bit easier.  Then you would have to trim the wrap to fit, and cut any holes or openings yourself.
  3. Another option is to do full color graphics that are contour cut on adhesive wrap vinyl, but isn't  a true wrap.  It wouldn't cover the entire panel, body, area, etc.  Instead it would be cut to shape logo's and graphical elements that can be applied to the booth.  Just provide the individual graphics sized as you would want them produced.

If we have design template for the item you are ordering, after your order is placed you will get a link to download the design template.  You can then do your graphic design, have your customer do the graphic design, or hire a designer (including us!)  to help with your graphic design.

Once the design is complete, you can then email it to us with your Order number and we will get it into production for you, or follow up if there are any questions.

Our printer wraps are designed to leave all the printer ventilation area's uncovered to keep your equipment running as it should.  It is also designed to handle high temperatures that can be produced by the printers, even in enclosed spaces (like a booth).  We do recommend using our low-tac vinyl option on most printer wraps.

Average turn around time from the time you place your order and provide your graphic file to us is 2-3 days.  Then add your shipping time.  If you have specific timing needs, please contact us and we will work with you to accomplish your timing goal!

Please email us with your question and we will get back with you shortly.  We might even add it here on the FAQ!

Frequently Asked Wrap Questions

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